Poet Council

Deihl Hall portico in late afternoonInaugurated in fall 2006, the Poet Council is a small, presidential advisory group, formed to tap into fresh and thoughtful perspectives on opportunities and challenges facing Whittier College. Select alumni and others close to the College who have successfully applied their educations to a variety of endeavors are invited by the president to participate. Their main task is to offer their best reasoning, creativity, and thoughtful commentary.

The Council meets on campus twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Appointments to the Poet Council are for two years. During the gatherings, Councilors meet with the president, relevant senior administrators, and others for a discussion and brainstorming session on a single topic of strategic significance to the College. Past topics have included Image and Identity, Alumni Relations, and Strategic Enrollment.

As a presidential initiative, the Poet Council receives administrative support from the Executive Assistant to the President.


Kristin Wiberg
Executive Assistant to the President

Members of the Poet Council Class of 2016

Melanie Cotton P’16
Christopher Cross ’62
Kenneth Lamneck P’17
Marianne Lamneck  P’17
Richard Lichtenstein P’16
Meghan Morrissey P’16
Gamble Yeung P’18

Members of the Poet Council Class of 2017 (TBD)