Preview of Courses

The following are courses that have been offered or are usually offered by the Department of Business. For a comprehensive list of courses, please refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Course Catalog. 

BSAD 130. Business and Society
An introduction to business and management in America. The central focus is on the interrelationships of technological, economic, political, and social forces within business enterprises and on management’s ethical obligations to owners, employees, consumers, and society at large.

BSAD 231. Business Law
The law of contracts, agency, and business structures; sales contracts, negotiable instruments, and secured transactions. Analysis of selected real property, tort, and bankruptcy problems.

BSAD 310. Business Finance I
Introduction to financial management, its concepts, and institutions; time value of money; bond and stock valuation; risk; financial statement analysis and financial forecasting; capital budgeting; long-term financing decisions; working capital management. Prerequisite: 201. Recommended: 202, MATH 80 and MATH 79 or any mathematics course numbered 85 or higher.

BSAD 320. Marketing Principles
An overview course designed to develop an understanding of the role and processes of marketing in contemporary society and a managerial viewpoint in setting marketing strategy and tactics of the firm. Prerequisite: 130 or junior standing.

BSAD 330. Management and Organizational Behavior
The systematic study of individual, group, and organizational behaviors and processes. The analyses of these levels of organizational functioning are aimed at enhancing personal and group effectiveness. Topics include motivation, leadership, power, cooperation, decision-making, and organizational change. Prerequisite: 130 or junior standing.

BSAD 350. International Business
An introduction to all facets of international business. Team projects, case studies, and class discussion explore the economic framework of international business; the environmental, operational, and strategic aspects of international business and the social responsibility and future of international business. Prerequisite: 130 or permission.

BSAD 489. Management Strategy and Policy
Integration of underlying concepts in marketing, personnel, finance, production, and other business functions; analysis of strategies and operating environments, including ethical concerns; case study and seminar discussion. Prerequisite: Senior standing in BSAD.