Preview of Courses

The following are courses that have been offered or are usually offered in support of the 3-2 Engineering Program. For a comprehensive list of courses, please refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Course Catalog

PHYS 150. Calculus-based Physics (Mechanics)
This is a one-semester, calculus-based introductory physics course that can serve as an entry to the major, or that can be taken to satisfy the science division breadth requirement. Topics covered include vectors, projectile motion, Newton’s laws, gravitation, momentum, and energy. This course is taught in an activity-based workshop format. Prerequisite: math 141A or math 139A (may be concurrent).

MATH 141 A,B. Calculus and Analytic Geometry I-II
First two semesters of a three-semester unified course in analytic geometry and calculus: progresses from functions of one real variable, their derivatives and integrals, through multivariate calculus; topics from infinite series and differential equations. Prerequisite: 85 or sufficient score on math placement exam.

CHEM 110 A, B. General Chemistry
Lecture and laboratory work covering the fundamental principles of chemistry, states of matter, chemical bonding, ionic theory, kinetics, equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and descriptive chemistry of metals and non-metals. Laboratory work also includes qualitative analysis and elementary quantitative analysis. Prerequisites: one semester of college math, sufficient score on math proficiency exam, or permission. CHEM 110B requires a passing grade in 110A.