Preview of Courses

The following are courses that have been offered or are usually offered by the Global & Cultural Studies program. For a comprehensive list of courses, please refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Course Catalog.  

GCS. 100 Introduction to Globalization
Using the general theme of globalization as the organizing principle, the course will introduce students to the players (i.e. cultures, states, other actors such as NGOs and international organization, etc.) that are affected by, and in turn affect, globalization, how they make decisions and who is affected by those decisions, and the interaction between and among these various actors. The course will include the study of a number of specific topics and cases, chosen each semester to allow exploration of globalization issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. 

Intermediate Courses

ECON 200. Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
The problem of scarcity; theory of national income and employment; policy applications to problems of employment, inflation and business fluctuations; introduction to money and banking; monetary and fiscal policy. One semester, 3 credits. 

ANTH 210. Cultural Anthropology
Detailed studies of several societies that are geographically and culturally distant from mainstream American society. The course focuses on issues of ecology, political economy, and social and cultural change as they influence the diverse behaviors and traditions of selected peoples. Several regions are studied in the context of their global and internal similarities and differences, as well as their cross-cultural and internal dynamics.   

Methods Courses

HIST 380. Historical Methods
Introduction to methods of historical research and writing. Students will produce a major research paper. For those pursuing a history major and others interested in developing basic skills.  

PLSC 280. Political Methodology
An examination of the major and issues of empirical political science and the use of simulation in the development of theories or models.