Preview of Courses

The following are courses that have been offered or are usually offered by the Department of Kinesiology & Nutrition Science. For a comprehensive list of courses, please refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Course Catalog.  

KNS 250. Applied Musculoskeletal Anatomy                                                                                  
An in-depth study of the structures and functions of the musculoskeletal system. Emphasis placed on application of mechanical principles related to articulations (joints) and movement. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above.

KNS 300. Current Topics in Health                                                                                                             
This course is designed to expand our concept of human health as an individual attribute that often focuses on one's physical characteristics and personal choices, to include an exploration of many other factors that also significantly influence the health status of people in our society. Students are guided through analysis of current controversial issues in health and society that exemplify the truly multidimensional nature of human health as we discuss the physiological, psychological, social, political, and economic forces that may be associated with each topic.

KNS 311. Biomechanics
Anatomical and mechanical principles relating to human movement. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: KNS 250.

KNS 313. Exercise Physiology                                                                                                                    
The effects of exercise and stress upon the various organic functions. Lectures and laboratory. Prerequisite: KNS 250.

KNS 315. Diet and Disease                                                                                                                           
The food we eat plays a major role in our well-being. Too much or too little of a nutrient present in the diet will eventually have consequences to our health over time. This course will provide students with an understanding of how diet impacts our health. Specific chronic diseases will be addressed which will require students to critically think about connections between the science of nutrition and lifestyle choices that lead to diseases commonly found in the United States and around the world. You will be prompted to translate your understanding of journal readings into your writing assignments and exams.

KNS 340. History & Philosophy of Sport & Leisure                                                                                  
The historical and philosophical development of sport and leisure within the context of the discipline and human cultural development. 

KNS 370. Cardiovascular Health                                                                                                                 
This course is designed to offer students an advanced exploration of the human cardiovascular system from multiple perspectives. The course will begin by examining the normal anatomy and physiology and progress to the analysis of the system under various pathologic conditions. Included in the discussions will be life factors that are associated with the conditions behavioral, environmental, psychological, sociological, etcetera. Finally, students will engage in their own unique investigation of a chosen cardiovascular condition using the perspective of their choice prevention measures, treatment options, economic impact on society, to name a few.

KNS 382. Sociology of Sport & Leisure
An overview of the sociological perspectives of sport. Topics include the relationship between sport and: culture, racism, sexism, education, religion, and politics.

KNS 435. Psychology of Sport
Psychological factors related to human performance. Individual and team functions of arousal, skill level, cohesion, social facilitation, and attention are among the areas studied. 

KNS 440. Motor Learning and Control
Theoretical study of the change in motor skill behavior as a result of practice and experience, as well as the reflexive and voluntary mechanisms that control human movement Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: Open to seniors majoring in KNS.  

KNS 475. Sport Law                                                                                                                              
Provides an overview of how the various types of laws that apply to the sport industry (constitutional, tort, contract, labor, and antitrust) and how these laws are interpreted to decide legal claims for employment, personal injury, intellectual property, and discriminatory practices. Prerequisite: KNS 373 or BSAD 130.