Research & Fieldwork

The Whittier Scholars Program (WSP) offers an alternative curricular path for a liberal arts education at Whittier College. Students in the WSP work closely with faculty members and their peers to design their own educations.

Students create their own major or design their own course of study around a traditional major.

Examples of recent WSP self-designed majors include:

Developing Country Studies

Curatorial Studies

Sustainable Urban Development

Gender in International Politics

Environmental Anthropology

Humanitarian Assistance

Sociology of Education

Power & Representation

Socio-Cultural Perspectives & Identities

Cross Cultural Studies in Performance

The Senior Project is the culmination of each WSP student’s education. Examples of recent projects include:

  • Marine Food Systems, Culture and Sustainability
  • The Chicana Woman: An Examination of Gender and Identity
  • Deception: An Adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Winter Tale, Othello and Titus Andronicus
  • Power to the Pupils: Children Speak Out About Their Experiences in Danish Schools
  • Tin Soldiers & Nixon’s Coming: American Music of the Vietnam War
  • Policy and Procedure for Disaster by the Federal Government: Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
  • Defanged and Desired: Vampires and the Representation of Good and Evil.  A Screenplay and Theoretical Essay
  • A Multi-method study on health and socioeconomic backgrounds of people living near or on the Kumbon Landfill in Khon Kean, Thailand
  • L.A. Galaxy: A Case Study
  • Children and Stereotypes
  • Social and Economic Case Study Analysis of the Beijing Olympics
  • Sexual Identity and the Saints
  • Art Therapy and Children