Living on Campus

For a small community such as Whittier, living on campus is an integral part of the college experience—and here, you will find our eight residence halls serve as "home base" for student life and activity.

As a residential college, Whittier is committed to providing a co-curricular environment—beginning with our first-year living learning communities—which enhances and enriches the academic program, and which provides students with opportunities for personal and social growth, self-discovery, and an appreciation of one's responsibilities to self and others.

Whittier requires the majority of its students to reside on campus, unless they meet specific criteria for off-campus housing. As such you will find that residential living throughout your years at Whittier all combine to foster a sense of community, facilitate the integration of the individual into campus activities and organizations, encourage an atmosphere of free and wide-ranging expression of ideas, and develop in each person capacities for self-direction and deep concern for others.