Next Steps

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Submit your non-refundable $400 enrollment deposit to the Office of Admission by May 2. Your Housing Form or Housing Exemption Form must be completed by the July 1 priority deadline. 


After we have processed your enrollment deposit, you will begin receiving critical materials during the month of May from the College anticipating your arrival on campus and entry into the Whittier College Community, such as your College email login and online portal access.


You will receive your Housing Information from the Office of Residential Life, which will give the name, address, and phone number of your roommate(s) for the upcoming school year, and your residence hall assignment. We strongly advise you to contact your roommate(s) prior to your arrival on campus, so you can get to know one another and so you can make helpful decisions about what each of you might bring to make your room feel like a second home.


Traditionally, Whittier College students move into their residence halls on Labor Day, although student athletes and international students may move in earlier. Labor Day kicks off several days of Orientation before classes start. Designed to act as your introduction to Whittier, Orientation takes place over several days prior to the start of the fall semester and is an opportunity for new students to meet professors, administrators and of course, fellow students. In addition to getting you accustomed to your new campus, Orientation events enable you to meet upperclassmen who stand ready to serve as peer advisors and help introduce you to Whittier life. Activities quickly break down barriers between students, and many later look back on Orientation as one of their favorite times at Whittier.

If at any time during this process you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admission at or 562.907.4238. Thank you, and welcome to the Whittier College community!