Alumni Board Committees

Per its 2012 - 2015 Strategic Initiatives plan, the Alumni Board has developed the following committees to tackle specific tasks. Alumni of all ages, experience, and interests are needed to help organize and execute these goals. Each committee is staffed by a Board member, and is comprised of Board and non-Board members alike. All committees are open for participation. Interested alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Relations (562.907.4222 or for more information.

Alumni Affinities Development Committee
GOALS: To identify and conduct outreach to existing alumni affinity networks, cultivate (or assist in the cultivation of) “new” networks, and to begin establishing lines of communication among the respective leaderships, in order to ensure adequate representation to the Alumni Board. Additionally, to strategize areas of development or concern, particularly as relates to other Association initiatives, potential synchronicity, or “missed” opportunities. Affinity groups  include (but are not limited to): Alianza de Los Amigos; Purple & Gold Club; Societies; Black Student Union; Hawaiian Islanders Club; AOKP; etc.

Alumni Mentorship and Professional Development Committee
GOALS: To identify and build alumni communities based on professional affinities; encourage and support related activities and avenues for engagement that will be self-sustaining; and to augment and support the current, related College initiatives via program audits, recommendations for improvement, recruitment of alumni-to-alumni and alumni-to-student career mentors, and contributions to related event or program development. Pair with Student Alumni Board members, whose focus will be on career networking/development.

Regional Organizations and Special Events
GOALS: To establish, using a uniform model of annual programming and volunteer leadership succession, new chapter programs in identified, targeted areas, and ensure open lines of communication within the territory and between regional boards. Currently, there are 15 alumni chapters in operation: Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Hawaii (Oahu & Maui), Atlanta, New York City, New England/Boston, Washington, D.C., United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.