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A Brief History of Broadoaks

Broadoaks has served children and their families and has been a center for the education of teachers, social workers, psychologists, and health care providers for more than 100 years. Originally located in Pasadena, the school was founded in 1906 by Ada Mae Brooks and Imelda E. Brooks as a home for abandoned children. The school soon achieved national recognition as a training center for the professional development of early childhood educators.

1922 Broadoaks School sign

Broadoaks became part of Whittier College in 1931 and was moved to the Whittier campus in 1945. Since its inception, Broadoaks has provided opportunities for observation of children, practice teaching, and research by college faculty and students. Its first priority is to serve the college community by providing a model of "best practices" for the education and care of elementary and preschool-aged children.

preschool children

Today, Broadoaks serves nearly 300 families with children in preschool through 6th grade during the regular school year and preschool through 8th grade in the summer during its Science Academy, Musical Theatre Academy and the Woodworking and Design Academy. Broadoaks is also an academic program of Whittier College, serving as a “learning laboratory” for students in child development, education, psychology, social work, child advocacy, pre-medicine, pre-law, and other professional fields serving children and families.


Delta Phi Upsilon

A National Honor Society of Early Childhood Education

Delta Phi Upsilon Logo

Delta Phi Upsilon was founded on January 8, 1923 at Broadoaks Kindergarten-Primary Training School in Pasadena, California, now known as the Broadoaks Children's School of Whittier College. The purpose of the founders was to honor outstanding college students and to create a group through which they might experience companionship and be further inspired to work with young children in preschool through the elementary grades.

In the years after the Grand Alpha Chapter was chartered in 1923, many other universities formed Delta Phi Upsilon Chapters. The organization has long been recognized as a premiere honor socciety in childhood education.