Meal Plans

Per the Housing & Meal Agreement, all students residing in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan. Students will be automatically enrolled and charged a 15-Meal Plan at the beginning of each new academic year. If this meal plan does not meet a student's needs, they should indicate the change on the Meal Plan Designation Form through their Moodle account. Students can choose between a 10, 15, or 19-Meal Plan with or without Flex points.

  • After September 21, 2016, meal plan changes will not be accepted for Fall 2016 term.
  • After February 09, 2017, meal plan changes will not be accepted for Spring 2017 term.

Traditional Meal Plans allow a student to eat 19, 15, or 10 weekly meals between Monday breakfast and Sunday dinner at the Campus Inn dining hall.

Flex Meal Plans allow a student to eat 19, 15, or 10 weekly meals between Monday breakfast and Sunday dinner at the Campus Inn Dining PLUS an additional $200 Flex dollars (per term) to spend at the The Spot. Once Flex points from the originally purchased Meal Plan have been exhausted, additional Flex points can be purchased through the Business Office at a minimum of $50 at any time during the year. 

Commuter/Arbor Ridge Student Plans are required for Arbor Ridge Residents and are available for those who do not live on campus. The commuter plan allows a student to eat any 5 meals between Monday breakfast and Sunday dinner. A 5-Meal Flex plan is also available with additional $100 Flex dollars (per term) to spend at The Spot. The option of the 10, 15 or 19-Meal Plan with or without Flex points is also available. Students can make their selection on the Meal Plan Designation Form through their Moodle Account.

For students who have withdrawn, Meal Plan charges will be adjusted according to the Cancellation of Institutional Charges schedule. No refunds are made for missed meals. Meal plans are not transferable and a $25 fine is imposed for unauthorized use. A $25 fee is charged for the replacement or exchange of a Meal Plan Identification Card. Cards are issued by the Office of Campus Safety.

Pricing of meal plans are listed on the Schedule of Charges. Food service is provided by Bon Appetit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry over uneaten meals?

Uneaten C.I. meals do not carry over from week to week or semester to semester. Students are urged to select meal plans carefully.

What are the advantages to choosing a plan with Flex?

By using your student ID card for food purchases, you have the convenience of a debit card at your fingertips. Flex Plans afford you the option of applying money for snacks and meals to your tuition account. With Flex points you get the added bonus of sales tax-free dining - an additional 9.75% value. 

Where can I use my Flex?

Flex can be used at The Spot, a gathering place for students, faculty and staff that offers a wide variety of freshly grilled foods, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, Starbucks coffee, and a fresh fruit smoothie bar. Be sure to purchase a plan with Flex so that you can take full advantage of the convenience afforded by this retail-style restaurant. You can also use your Flex points to purchase a meal for a friend at The Spot or the Campus Inn.

How do I know how many Flex points I have left?

Ask the cashier at The Spot or email

If I run out of Flex, can I purchase more?

You can add tax-free Flex points at any time once you have exhausted the initial $100 or $200 from your Flex Plan. Flex Points can be added through the Business Office in Mendenhall.

If I purchase a Flex Plan during the fall semester and don't use up all of my Flex points, may I utilize them during the second semester?

Yes. Flex points purchased during the fall semester may be used during the spring semester. Flex points, however, will not carry over from one academic year to the next, and all accounts will be zeroed at the conclusion of each academic year. No refunds will be given for unused balances, so it is important to use your Flex points wisely during the year.