Identify Your Interests

The first step in your career planning process begins with identifying your motivations, interests, and talents. Taking self-assessments such as Focus 2 and meeting with a career counselor are important steps that can help you find the right fit between who you are and the working environment that suits you. 

During your four years at Whittier College, take advantage of the time to learn about your interests both in and out of the classroom.  The Center for Career Planning & Internships is just one of the various campus resources that can help you identify your talents.

The following opportunities will bring you one step closer to figuring out what you want to do and may also provide meaningful and valuable experiences that can enhance your resume:

Joining student organizations
Seeking out opportunities for leadership
Volunteering in community-based organizations
Participating in service learning programs 

Choose a Major

Choosing a major may be the most important decision you make in college but does not necessarily dictate what you will choose for a career. Click here to read tips that can help you find the major that best suits your interests and supports your career development. 

Research Career Fields

Regardless of your major, the skills you develop at Whittier College will prepare you for a wide range of careers. As you begin to consider different career options that interest you, you should conduct research about these particular career fields. A good way is to schedule an informational interview with alumnus or another professional you may know. Here is a web resource to help you get started in your research.

Explore Graduate School

For many of you, the path to a successful career will lead you to graduate school. We encourage you to meet with a career counselor to discuss graduate school options and how a graduate program might help you attain your professional goals. Click here to read more about graduate school. In the meantime you should complete an internship in the career field as one means to help clarify if and what kind of graduate school is right for you. 

Attend Workshops

The Center for Career Planning & Internships hosts free career exploration and professional preparation workshops for students throughout the academic year. Check the News and Events page for upcoming events.

  • Optimal Resume Workshops
  • Resume Quick Review
  • Majors Night
  • Princeton Review Practice Exam
  • Internships that Pay
  • Ace the Interview Workshops
  • Job and Internship Search
  • Backpack 2 Briefcase (B2B) Program

Register for a Career Planning Course

The Center for Career Planning & Internships offers two courses that provide students with an introduction to career-life planning. As freshmen or sophomores, students explore career and college majors, as well as internships.  As juniors and seniors, students define their career goals and prepare for their life after Whittier. To read more about these course click here