Faculty are perhaps our most important partners in the Career Development Process of our students. Faculty have "insider expertise" and more specific industry knowledge of associations or resources that can assist students in their career exploration and job search.

As such, the Weingart Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) works closely with faculty to ensure that all available resources are utilized and that students have the best experience possible in preparing for their professional lives after graduation.

Here are a few ways faculty can help us connect our programs to students:

  • Consider incorporating a CCPD event into your curriculum
  • Consider giving extra credit for participation in a CCPD event
  • Let us help you host or coordinate an alumni panel or career talk
  • “Don’t Cancel that Class”  - If you need class coverage, we have prepared curricula and can lead sessions on topics of self-exploration, career resources, and professional development

Contact us with your requests or suggestions at careerplanning@whittier.edu or 562.907.4230.

Exploring Industry Outlook & Job Prospects

Feel free to use the CCPD's online resources for quick reference as you advise students and alumni. These resources address how to research graduate school information, fellowships, career industries, and more. 

Additionally, O*NET allows you to search for occupations based on one's skills, abilities, interests, and knowledge.  You may also browse different occupations based on work context, work activities, and work values.

Helping Students Find Internships

Encourage students to pursue internships, job shadowing opportunities, and work experiences that will augment their professional resumes. Below are some resources that can help students find possible internship opportunities:

Poet Paths – Poet Paths is Whittier College’s internship and job search site for students and alumni. New listings are posted to the site daily. Faculty may access Poet Paths with a guest log-in and password. If you know companies or organizations looking to hire students for internships, full-time entry-level, and full-time experienced positions, encourage them to post these listings on Poet Paths at no charge.

Professional Networking – We encourage students to start building connections to people in their areas of interest.  These people might include peers, professors, former supervisors or co-workers, or alumni.  We recommend students learn more about opportunities by asking for an informational interview or inquire about openings.

Whittier Alumni – Alumni are one of our greatest resources and, often, faculty have vast networks of their former graduates who can help. We also advise students to attend Backpack-to-Briefcase sessions throughout the year, as they feature alumni professionals in a range of fields, and to utilize LinkedIn to find Whittier College alumni and contact them to request an informational interview.

Helping Students Explore Self-Knowledge & Career Options

When advising students on choosing a major or helping them make the connection between their interests and potential careers, please encourage them to utilize our on-line assessment tool, Focus 2. Students will need to contact the CCPD for password information.

Identifying Resources with Students

Professional organizations, publications, and graduate school rankings are useful tools for students evaluating their career and academic options.  If you have web links or other resources that you think we should promote, please send them our way at careerplanning@whittier.edu.

Writing Recommendation Letters for Students

Faculty members are frequently asked to write letters of reference for students. We recommend Writing Recommendation Letters by Joe Shall for those seeking helpful advice writing practical, intelligent, and concise letters. Also, please refer to the NACE Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring.

When Faculty Are Contacted by An Employer

If you are contacted by an employer, please pass that information on to the CCPD so we can offer that employer access to our entire range of services. If you are interested in having employers speak to your classes, present case studies, or meet one-on-one with your students, contact the CCPD staff.