Writing a Resume - The W.H.O. Method

The W.H.O. METHOD is used to create a competency based resume.

W = WHAT did you do?
H  = HOW did you do it?
O  = OUTCOME associated with what you did, your accomplishments, end results.

Analyze work and related experiences to show what you can do for any employer.

  1. Identify and reflect on WHAT you did while experiencing work, volunteer activity, or relevant school related experiences
  2. Write out WHAT you did while working on tasks associated with each experience.
  3. Write a short paragraph about WHAT you did AND HOW you did the work.
    HOW can various skills that you used or developed be included?
  • Communication skills,
  • Analytical skills,
  • Networking skills,
  • Utilization of resources, etc.
  1. Then consider the OUTCOME of each experience.
  • Did you succeed in serving customers well?
  • Were you promoted?
  • If you were a tutor, did your student improve?
  • How many phone calls did you make / people you helped/ classes that you taught.
    Ex. “Managed student phone-a-thon, and raised $100,000 (89% of goal).”
  1. This paragraph becomes the basis for showing how your skills/ abilities/ accomplishments can be of value to the employer.
  2. Write several concise statements highlighting WHAT, HOW and the OUTCOME associated with your work, volunteer, and school related experiences.
    Ex. “Managed student phone-a-thon, and raised $100,000 (89% of goal).” 
  3. Use Active verbs (see list) to start each line and describe your experience.
  4. Build your resume at http://whittier.optimalresume.com.
  5. Make an appointment with the Career Planning Office to have your final copy reviewed. Visit www.whittier.edu/poetpaths, or call  562-907-4230. 

See a sample W.H.O. resume here.

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