Top 5 Graduate Student Questions

Q:  I receive Tuition Remission, does this affect my financial aid?
A:  Yes, you must notify us of the units that will be paid via Tuition Remission because it can affect the amount and type of Federal Direct Loans you are eligible for.

Q:  When will my money get here?
A: Federal Direct Loans- the student must complete and submit all the necessary requirement (see Loans) and be enrolled at least half time.

Q:  What happens if I drop below the units I originally reported to the Office of Financial Aid?
A:  Your financial aid awards can be affected (possibly decreased or canceled). If the student falls below 4 units a semester, they will not be eligible for any Federal Direct loan funds.

Q:  Do I get financial aid during student teaching?
A:  Student teaching is treated like any other semester. Therefore, you may be eligible for a maximum amount of $20,500 in Federal Direct Loans for the year. Your student teaching site, the school or district, may offer paid internships.

Q:  Are grants available for graduate students?
A:  Grants are not available through Whittier College for graduate students. Whittier College does, however, offer graduate fellowships. All students are encouraged to search for outside scholarships.