First Year Commuter Students

It can be a challenge for commuter students to transition into a new college and become involved in the campus environment. For that reason, we feel the need to support our commuter students and help make Whittier College feel like their home away from home.

  • Commuter Student Association. The Commuter Student Association provides commuter students with the opportunity to interact with one another, create friendships, and possibly even find a carpool partner.  
  • Dormitory Access. Whittier understands the need for commuter students to engage academically with their peers. As such, commuter students have access to the College’s residence halls and study lounges (within designated hours).
  • Campus Lockers. There are 119 campus lockers available to commuters in the Campus Center courtyard, courtesy of ASWC. Locker reservations must be arranged through LEAP.
  • Campus Dining. Two on-campus dining options--the Campus Inn and The Spot--are open daily for all students. The Cultural Center and CAAS also provide students with a refrigerator and/or microwave to store and heat their lunches.
  • Study Areas. Great spaces to study on campus include Wardman Library, CAAS, the 24-hour Study Lounge right outside of CAAS, the Cultural Center, The Spot, and Ettinger Student Lounge.

Click here to learn more about services and resources for commuter students at Whittier.