About Faculty Master

Paul Kjellberg is a professor in the department of philosophy. He specializes in ancient Chinese philosophy but teaches broadly in the western and modern traditions, as well. In recent years he has focused on philosophy of education, on the theory and practice of liberal arts, and on the contributions of our Quaker heritage. He is joined at Hartley House by his son, Ford.

Our theme this year is “Liberal arts at work,” inviting people with liberal arts backgrounds who have done interesting and important things to come talk about their experiences. What about their educations did they find most useful? What unanticipated challenges did they face? What advice do they have for current students? The goal is to think about how the things we are doing on campus fit into the world around us.

We also have a sub-theme: “What am I doing here?” This is the question to which the liberal arts getting to work is the answer. In particular we mean to help sophomores find majors, but this is a question anyone can ask and has to ask before they can find an answer. So please consider Hartley House a place to think.