Fall 2013 ASWC Senate Elections

Constituent Body Elections

Term: Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

17 positions available: 

  • Student Body Representatives (4)
  • Freshman Class Council President 
  • Freshman Class Council Vice president
  • Freshman Class Council Treasurer
  • Freshman Class Council Secretary
  • Residence Hall Representatives (6)
  • Commuter Representatives (3)

Descriptions of the above positions can be found in the ASWC Constitution.

For detailed information about the elections process, read ASWC's Elections Code.

ASWC Fall Constituent Body Run-Off Election - Here is your opportunity to vote for your Commuter and Wanberg Representatives. Voting is open until 8pm. Vote online here.

September 12

Elections information meeting

September 18

Candidate Packets due @ 5 p.m.

September 24

All campaigning concluded at 11:59 p.m.

September 25

Election Day!

September 26

Elections announced in the QC with photos if possible

September 29

ASWC Senate Training (1 p.m. – 3 p.m.)


Victoria Esquer
ASWC Secretary