ASWC Treasury

The Funding Policies of the Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) are intended to help student organizations best manage the event planning process. As a general rule, a funding request form - available below - is due by noon on Sunday, the day before regularly scheduled Senate meetings.

Important Dates

  • February 2: First Senate Meeting

  • March 9: Sixth Senate Meeting (last meeting to request funding over $2,500)

  • April 13: Tenth Senate Meeting (last meeting to request funding over $500)

  • April 27: Last Senate Meeting until September 14th / Executive Board Inauguration

ASWC Funding Overview​

Each academic year all full-time undergraduate Whittier College students (determined by the Registrar and Business Offices) pay a $240 student activity fee ($120 per semester) which is managed by ASWC. 

In accordance with the ASWC Constitution and Bylaws the fees are divided in the following ways:

  • 35% to the Media Council

  • 65% to the General Body Fund. The General Body Fund is then further broken down as follows:

    • 25% to the Program Board;

    • 10% to the Operational Budget; 

$750 to each of the following Constituent Bodies for a total of $9,000 per year ($4,500 per semester):

  • Inter-Club Council (ICC),
  • Inter-Society Council (ISC),

  • Diversity Council (DC),

  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC),

  • Freshman Class Council (FCC), and

  • Social Justice Coalition (SJC)

The remaining funds are distributed to student clubs and organizations who request the funding at Senate meetings (Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in Villalobos Hall) and any leftover funds are transferred to the reserve account at the end of the fiscal year and used for permanent campus improvements. The student organization funding requests are divided into three categories: large events (over $2,500), medium events ($500 - $2,499.99), and small events (under $500) in order to set aside funds for all levels of events to be funded.

The following is a list of a few projects funded by ASWC: 

  • The weekly printing of the Quaker Campus Newspaper 

  • The yearly printing of the Acropolis Yearbook for all graduating seniors

  • The Readership Program which delivers USA Today and LA Times to the Residence Halls and Academic Buildings every day!

  • The Direct TV and upkeep of the Ettinger Student Lounge (next to The Spot)

  • The yearly printing of the Literature Review

  • The 91 lockers used by Commuter Students through-out the year

  • Contributions to the Gregory Gym Aquatic Complex

  • Recognition of Faculty and Staff by awarding the Key to the College, Richard B Harvey, and the Marilyn Veich Awards during Honors Convocation

  • Supporting student clubs/organizations every year for academic, social, and cultural events, inductions, dances, performances, lectures, presentations, intramurals, trips, workshops, as well as campus improvements.

To read ASWC's Fall 2013 Treasurer's Report, click here.


All students are eligible to join the ASWC Budget Committee. To learn more, please contact:

Greg Carlson
ASWC Treasurer
562.907.4200 ext. 5023