Organization Spotlight

A Q&A with New Quaker Campus Editor-In-Chief Kaylyn Wold `15

From The Rock, Fall 2013

Q. Why did you decide to get involved in the first place?
A. Writing is a passion of mine, so [joining the newspaper] was something I definitely wanted to do. Overall, the staff seemed like a really great group of people that put out a great paper every week, so I wanted to be a part of that. I joined sophomore year, after [battling a case of freshman shyness] and reading the paper regularly the preceding year.

Q. What has been the most interesting, compelling, or challenging story you’ve written for the QC?
A. Last November, I wrote the feature story on President Obama’s re-election. It was both the most fun and most challenging—not only because of its importance, but also because I wanted to find a way to make the article unique and specific to Whittier students—not just a straight report with facts and figures.

Q. Given the sheer demands on time and energy, what made you want to take on the editorship?
A. I started out as a news writer, then moved my way up to assistant sports editor, and then section editor. [In many ways,] I felt my passion for the paper—and its staff—would set me up to succeed in this position of leadership. And I’m very honored to be associated with the QC, especially because it has so much history.

Q. What are your goals for the paper in 2013–14?
A. First, to make [a smooth] transition with the new generation of staff writers. We need to continue to create a good quality paper, all while still being able to come up with new and creative ideas each issue. I also want to get people excited about this anniversary year, and incorporate that milestone into our publication [in various ways]. The overall mission of the QC is to bring Whittier students news about their campus, and also be a publication that is reflective of Whittier students and student life. So, [it’s my job] to find a balance between keeping the traditions [alive] while continuing to move the paper forward.

Q. What’s the most important or gratifying thing about being part of this Whittier College legacy?
A. In addition to bringing students specific news about campus and student life, the QC connects the entire student body [and campus community]. And, of course, it is a good way for student readers to see something that their peers created, and something with which they can get involved.