P.O.E.T. Get-A-Way Pre-Trip Information

POET GetawayWhat To Bring

  • ARC provides all group gear, including tents, tarps, stoves, cookware, water filters, etc.
  • ARC provides all meals and some snacks. Please bring additional personal trail snacks according to your own food needs.
  • Students are responsible for bringing the following items: 1 duffel bag/suitcase, 1 daypack (mandatory), 1 one-liter bottle for water (mandatory; nalgene bottles preferred), flashlight or headlamp (mandatory), sleeping bag and small pillow (mandatory), sleeping pad, closed-toe shoes, bathroom items, swimwear, towel, shorts, T-shirts, undergarments, socks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, sweatshirts, sweatpants, warm hat, rain poncho, camera (optional), and $20 spending money (optional). All electronics should stay at home; bring at own your own risk. 

Safety On Outdoor Adventures Trips

  • There are some inherent risks associated with outdoor activities. Our most common issues include things like blisters, sunburn, and occasional twisted ankles.
  • Preventing safety-related problems is a collaborate effort - it requires active cooperation between all members of the group and a dedication to looking out for each other at all times.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on any Whittier College trips.

Leave No Trace

We are immeasurably grateful for the ability to spend time in pristine wilderness areas. It is our responsibility to ensure that we leave those places as undisturbed as they were when we arrived. The basic tenets of Leave No Trace should be adhered to at all times. They are as follows:

  1. Plan ahead and prepare
  2. Camp and hike on durable surfaces
  3. Pack it in, pack it out
  4. Properly dispose of human waste
  5. Leave what you find
  6. Use fire responsibly
  7. Respect wildlife and other hikers