Campus Enhancements

Science and Learning Center
Key Facts about the Science and Learning Center Renovation

Project Goals

  • Complete renovation of existing building
  • Support Whittier College's commitment to the STEM
  • Create a collaborative learning environment
  • Transform building into a campus hub
  • Replace building systems
  • Work with City at each design step

Associated projects

  • Electrical distribution system (COMPLETED)
  • Accessibility Pathway Upper Quad (COMPLETED)

What Neighbors Can Expect During Project

  • Activity on south side of campus
  • Activity on Philadelphia Street
  • No change in useof building
  • Improved Earlham border


Whittier College is embarking on a major renovation of the current Stauffer Science building to create a Science and Learning Center (SLC). The new building is poised to have a tremendous positive impact on the campus – improving the student experience, enhancing the College’s reputation, and providing new space for instruction, collaborative research, and other campus needs. Construction related to the SLC project began in December 2014 and is slated to be completed by the beginning of the fall semester in 2016.

 As part of the planned project, Whittier College has installed temporary buildings in the Amphitheater parking lot to house classrooms, science laboratories, offices, and a student lounge with restrooms during construction. The use of the Amphitheater lot and cordoning off of the science building lot has reduced the number of parking spaces at the academic core of the campus. These spots have been replaced by alternative parking close to campus and by expanding the use of other lots on campus that have excess capacity.

The entire process has been designed to ensure that students have the best possible educational experience at Whittier College. Classes and labs have been accommodated in the temporary facilities.