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Connecting Learning, Engagement, Action and Research

Whittier College CEC Partner Workshop, Whittier College's Center for Engagement with Communities (CEC) welcomed more than 40 representatives from various partners in the Whittier community and beyond to its Community Partner Workshop. The half-day workshop was designed to engage the College's partners in a discussion around the needs for service learning in the community and how to work better in order to meet those needs.

Poets Serve Community in 21st Annual Helping Hands Day

Students at Helping Hands DayMore than 100 Whittier College students, alumni, staff, faculty, and administrators rolled up their sleeves on Saturday, September 26 and participated in the 21st annual Helping Hands Day. Participants gathered in the Campus Center for breakfast before boarding buses to various service sites in and around the city of Whittier. 

Self Care is Not An Option: Stress Reduction Techniques

College can be a stressful with lots of obstacles and hurdles to overcome. Learn why self care is important and reducing your stress levels can prevent burn-out and make you a more successful student.


Academic Planning Made Easy: Degree Works

Do you know what the graduation requirements are?  Do you know if you are on track to graduate in 4 years? You won’t regret taking 50 minutes out of your day to join us for a full explanation on how to use this important graduation tool.    

Connect, Communicate, Cultivate: Establishing Academic Relationships

Interested in an internship, fellowship, research opportunity, graduate school, or great career opportunity? You’ll need a letter of recommendation first. This workshop will offer tips on how to get one and steps to cultivate relationships with faculty and staff.  

Getting Their Attention: A Crash Course in Presenting Like a Pro

Say “No!" to boring PowerPoint-driven presentations! Learn how to create eye-catching presentations in Haiku Deck, Canva, and Prezi, and develop skills that will help you deliver engaging and humorous public talks that will keep your audience’s attention.

Study Smarter, Not Harder: Test Taking Techniques

Quizzes. Tests. Midterms. Finals. Are these things the bane of your existence? They don’t have to be! Let us share some tips with you on how to properly prep for any test. 

Test taking flyer