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  • Monday, Nov 04
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General Guidelines

These general guidelines apply only if those who are using social media on behalf of Whittier College. (For guidelines about personal use of social media, please refer to the ‘Social Media and Social Networking’ section of the Whittier College Employee Handbook – a Human Resources document.)

We encourage you to use social media to engage with the public and members of our campus community. Remember, your online conduct reflects on the College and its brand.

Before You Start

Although social media is a fun space to work in, embarking on social communication on behalf of the College should be part of a comprehensive communication strategy.

Before you create a social account for your department, office, center, or athletic team, you should consider these important questions.

Social Media Guides

At Whittier College, we recognize that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn have become important and influential communication channels for our community. To assist in posting content and managing these sites, the College has developed policies and guidelines for official and personal use of social media. 

Below, find the College's social media policies and guidelines for: