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Film Screening: City of Life

Hosted by: Anne Cong-Huyen

City of Life is an urban drama that tracks the various intersections of a multi-ethnic cast, examining how random interactions and their consequences can irrevocably impact another's life. 

Middle East Film Series: An Evening With Filmakers

Ashkan Soltani hosts Sonia Chaidez for the screening of her documentary Syria: Between Iraq and a Hard Place. Sonia will discuss the role of women in the Middle East and what she observed while filming on location in Iraq and Syria. 

Screening: Five Broken Cameras

Hosted by: Irfana Hashmi

​Five separate cameras tell the story of one Palestinian family's evolution over five years, through the arrest and death of protesters against the Israel West Bank barrier, the youngest child's development as he observes the events unfolding around him, and the everyday challenges of non-violent protest in Occupied Palestine.