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Distribution of Diplomas

Students who have graduated (completed ALL requirements by the end of the spring semester) will receive both their diploma and personalized diploma cover on stage. Students who have graduated during a previous term, who have not graduated, or who are anticipated summer graduates will receive their personalized cover on stage.

Students who opt out of participating in Commencement will receive their diploma and personalized cover based on the preference indicated on their Commencement Participation Form, provided that they have not already received it.

Ceremony Information & Schedule

Graduates, please read the following information thoroughly:

To participate in the commencement ceremony and receive a diploma, your tuition bill must be paid in full by April 11, 2014.

Graduates assemble on the Memorial Baseball Field at 8:00 a.m. in caps and gowns. The tassels on the mortar board should be on the right side.

Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class Gift is a chance for graduating seniors to build class unity, identity, and spirit. Throughout the year, we will host many different events to help you connect with your fellow seniors. For more information on the Senior Class Gift campaign or to donate now, click here.


‘Then and Now’ Slide Show

At Baccalaureate, it is a Whittier College tradition to present a slide show displaying the transformation of the graduates from childhood to adulthood. To participate in the slide show, please send one picture of your graduate during his/her childhood and one recent photo.

How to Submit Photos:

Graduation Announcements

Formal graduation announcements for all graduating seniors —baccalaureate and master's— are available for order online through Herff-Jones.

Cap & Gown

Students are required to wear academic regalia for commencement. You must purchase regalia from the Bookstore. You will need to submit your height information to the registrar's office along with your Commencement Participation Form. This must be done before Spring Break.

Student Information

Graduates at Commencement.Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! It is sure to be a positive and memorable day for you and your family.

The following pages will walk you through steps and processes related to Commencement:

Live Webcast

A cheering crowd at Commencement.The 2013 Commencement Ceremony will be streamed live online. Share this link with family and friends who will not be able to attend the ceremony in person:

Graduates & Families Reception

Family reception at Commencement.Immediately following commencement, the Graduate & Families Reception will be held on the Memorial Baseball Field.

Pre-Commencement Activities

Minority Caucus and Interfaith Programs Senior Recognition

Sunday, April 6th, 2:00 p.m.
A.J. Villalobos Hall