Political Science Professor Speaks on Local Election Rules

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Earlier this year, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge found the city of Palmdale in violation of the California Voting Rights Act for holding elections under the at-large system. According to some experts, this ruling could have implications for the City of Whittier.

In a recent interview with the Whittier Daily News, Professor of Political Science Eric Lindgren said the judge ruled in a way this is consistent with his understanding of the state voting rights act.

“If there is evidence of racially polarized voting, then an at-large system cannot be imposed or allowed to continue,” said Lindgren who has done research on the Voting Rights Act.

A recent lawsuit against the City of Whittier claims that Whittier’s at-large voting system and its timing prevents Latinos from being elected to City Council.

According to Lindgren, his research shows that there are at least 12 cities in L.A. County with large minority populations and little or no minority representation on their councils, which are elected at-large. He said they all could face voting rights challenges.

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