About Orientation

Peer mentors pose at orientationOrientation is a comprehensive program that assists new students in making successful transitions, academically and socially, into the Whittier College community.


There are five areas of competence developed through the New Student Orientation that are absolutely essential to being a successful student at Whittier.

Academic Competence: The attitudes and behaviors necessary to be a successful student in college, such as how the college classroom will be different than high school, what professors expect, how to read a syllabus, and registering for classes.

Practical Competence: Knowing how to access and use the resources on campus is essential to your success. Those resources range from knowing where to go when you are sick to how to use your My.Whittier account.

Financial Competence: Paying for college can seem overwhelming, but through orientation you will learn how to read your bill and meet your financial expectations on time.

Social Competence: Being able to make friends early, finding other students who have similar interests, and participating in campus life will help you feel like this is "your" college.

Cultural Competence: Learning in an environment with students from diverse backgrounds can enrich your educational experience.


* Students will also be introduced to Whittier College's 4Cs: Community, Communication, Cultural Perspectives, and Connections