Parent Proxy Access Setup

This is a tutorial for parents, which will explain the initial set up of their proxy access. 

1. After your student has granted you proxy access, you will receive up to three emails.

2. Let's begin with the first email called "Whittier College Proxy Access Login Invitation." In this email, copy the alphanumeric PIN provided at the bottom. Then click on the link above the PIN. The example is:

3. In the new window, paste the PIN. If this is unsuccessful, please manually enter the PIN. 

4. Now, you have a new window. Please enter your email address. Then, paste or re-enter the PIN you received in the email. Next, enter a new PIN. It must be between 6 and 15 digits long and may only use numbers. Click Save.

5. On the next page, click on your student's name and scroll down to see the links that you are authorized to access.

6. The email called "Whittier College Proxy Access Authorization Details." has a reference to the link you will use to access the proxy network. Please bookmark it and refer to that link from now on.