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For Immediate Release - February 22, 1999
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Elaine Brown

WHAT: Lecture by author and former Black Panther leader, Elaine Brown

WHEN: 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 2

WHERE: The Faculty Center at Whittier College
13406 Philadelphia St., Whittier

COST: free

ADD: Elaine Brown--the nationally acclaimed and best-selling author of A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story and the only woman to ever head the Black Panther Party--will give a lecture on racism, gender, oppression and class disparity, as well as many other burning political and social issues. This presentation, sponsored by the women's studies program at Whittier College, will coincide with the beginnings of Women's History Month.

For many years, this outspoken and extremely articulate orator has been wowing audiences with powerful presentations that combine history, keen political commentary and inspirational visions of an inclusive and egalitarian society.

Many of these same qualities and notions made Brown an ideal leader of the Black Panther Party, which became a dominant force in Oakland under her leadership. Combined, they changed the sociopolitical climate of Oakland by achieving the election of its first black mayor, and by helping poor and displaced people with housing and employment. Additionally, Brown traveled extensively on behalf of the organization, including a trip to North Vietnam (during the war).

As founder and President of Fields of Flowers, Inc.--which develops educational centers for disadvantaged children of all races--Brown attended Temple University and UCLA, and has dedicated her life to improving the social and economic conditions of disenfranchised people in the U.S. She currently lives in Atlanta where she is finishing a book of essays, working on her first novel and is involved in plans to have her book A Taste of Power made into a film.

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