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April 26, 2002                                                          
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Choir Brings ‘Pirates’ Ashore at Whittier College 

WHAT:                    “The Pirates of Penzance,” presented by the Whittier College Choir

WHEN:                    8 p.m., Thursday-Sunday, May 9–12

WHERE:                  Ettinger Faculty Center at Whittier College
13406 Philadelphia Street, Whittier

COST:                    $10

ADD:                      Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera “The Pirates of Penzance” tells
the story of Frederic, a young man apprenticed to pirates by mistake—his half-deaf
nurse had been instructed to apprentice him to a pilot.  Nearing the end of his
indentured period, Frederic decides to leave the pirates and devote the rest of his life
to the extermination of their kind, even though he is very fond of all his comrades. 
A bevy of beautiful young maidens and their father—the very model of a modern major general—complicate the plot.  Find out what happens to Frederic, the maiden Mabel,
the Major General and the whole band of soft-hearted pirates in this production by
the Whittier College Choir, directed by Stephen Gothold, professor of music and
choral director. 


                             The cast includes freshman Conor Bentley as the Major General,
senior Griff Gilbert as the Pirate King, senior Dwight Durant as
Samuel, junior Grant Hernandez as Frederic, senior Matt Leos as
the Police Sergeant, senior Ashley Hamrick as Mabel, senior J.R.
Maxwell as Edith, sophomore Kat Edwards as Kate, junior Amy
Faucher as Isabel, and senior Megan Murphy as Ruth.


INFORMATION:         Call the Box Office at the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the
                             Performing Arts, (562) 907-4203.

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