Wanberg Hall

Close to the Athletic Center and the Hartley Faculty Master House, Wanberg Hall houses 90 students and is co-educational by floor. Wanberg Hall double rooms are 15' x 14'. The lounge includes a fireplace and cable television. Computers and a study lounge are available for student use. Recent renovations include restroom upgrades and superficial improvements. Eco-friendly elements include water-saving toilets, low-flow shower heads, energy-saving light bulbs, and each hall has its own recycling bins. A professional staff member lives in Wanberg Hall on the first floor.


Named after a prominent local dentist, the Dr. George Wanberg resident hall for men opened in 1949. It was the first to have a television set on campus. Most of the cost of the dormitory was donated by Maye Wanberg, wife of Dr. Wanberg and friend of Bonie Bell Wardman.

Resident Advisors

Hunter AlexanderName: Hunter Alexander '16
Majors / Minors: Physics and French / Mathematics and Political Science
Hometown: Denver, CO
Activities: RA, Peer Mentor, Physics and Math Club
Hobbies: I love climbing, playing volleyball, and watching movies
After College, I want to: Be a particle physicist 
My best Whittier experience: Getting to know my professors, even outside of class
My Favorite thing in the world is: Getting to spend time with my girlfriend
A quirky fact about me is: I love Lord of the Rings 

Joseph AndersonName: Joseph Anderson ‘16
Major/ Minor: Biology/Organizational Leadership
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Activities: Football, RA, FCA Campus Church
Hobbies: Watching movies, going to Disneyland
After College, I want to be: A Chiropractor
A quirky fact about me is: I tap dance in my sleep


Leslie CaamalName: Leslie Caamal '17
Major: Sociology
Hometown: La Mirada, CA
School Activities: The Palmer Society
Hobbies: Reading, crafting, swimming
After college I want to: Travel the world!
Best Whittier experience: Becoming a member of the Palmer Society
My favorite thing in the world is: Chili cheese fries
Quirky fact about me: I'm able to recite almost any 90s boy band lyrics