Steps To Follow If You Become a Victim Of Sexual Assault

1. Go to a safe place and speak to someone you trust. Tell this person what happened. If there is any immediate danger, let Campus Safety Know if you are on campus or call 911 if you are off campus.

2. Consider securing immediate professional support to assist you in the crisis, including going to the Counseling Center if you are on campus.

3. For your safety and well-being, immediate medical attention is encouraged, ideally within 120 hours.  Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital has  arranged for a specific medical examination at no charge. To preserve evidence, it is recommended that you do not bathe, shower, douche, eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, urinate, defecate or change clothes before the exam. Even if you have taken any of these actions, you are still encouraged to seek prompt medical care. Additionally, you are encouraged to gather bedding, linens or unlaundered clothing and any other pertinent articles that may be used for evidence. Secure them in a clean paper bag or clean sheet.

4. Even after the immediate crisis has passed, consider seeking support from the Counseling Center or others who you trust and who can be provide support to you.

5. Contact the Title IX Coordinator if you need assistance with College-related concerns, such as no-contact orders or other protective measures. The Department of Campus Safety will assist in any needed advocacy for victims wishing to obtain protective or restraining orders with local authorities.

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