Student Support Person Program

The College's Student Support Person Program is intended to provide students, including Alleged Victims, Complainants, and Respondants with a trained staff or faculty member to assist them with accommodations, resources, support, advising, and accompaniment while involved in the College's Sexual Misconduct process. Any student who has a concern regarding Sexual Misconduct may contact a support person. Support persons can be helpful to students who have:

  • Been a victim of any form of Sexual Misconduct and would like support or resources;
  • Would like information on reporting to the College or police;
  • Would like assistance in reporting to the College or police;
  • Would like accompaniment to any on or off campus resources, including counseling appointments, the hospital, and the police station; or
  • Have been or will be potentially charged with any form of Sexual Misconduct.

Support People will reach out via email to each student that elects to have their name released to that support person before, during, or after reporting an incident to Whittier College.

While serving as a part of the Support Person Program, support people are designated as Private Reporters. They are not required to report any identifying information to the College, but are required to report 1) the approximate date of the incident, 2) the approximate location of the incident, and 3) the type of crime committed for purposes of compliance with the Clery Act. Privacy for students utilizing the Support Person Program is of the utmost importance, and support people are not to release any information relayed to them about a case (other than that needed to comply with the Clery Act), specifically to anyone charged with investigating or hearing violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Support people are not Sexual Assault Counselors as defined in California Evidence Code § 1035. They do not hold any legal privilege as to non-disclosure of information. If a student chooses to make a Title IX report to Whittier College, Title IX Investigators will not ask any information of support people; however, if information is requested of support people by outside sources, including police or prosecutors, support persons may have to disclose information provided to them by the student. A support person will notify the student of any requests before disclosing any identifying information. If a student wishes to have a support person disclose any information shared with him or her, the support person will get the student’s written consent as to what and with whom the information will be shared prior to sharing it.

To contact a member of the Support Person Program, you may either contact a member directly using his or her contact information below or contact the Dean of Students Office at 562.907.4233. 

2015-16 Members of the Support Person Program

Tea Bogue (when not in role as Title IX Investigator)
Assistant Director of Residential Life & Conduct

Magaly Perez (when not in role as Title IX Investigator)
Safety and Compliance Coordinator, Campus Safety

George McKernan
Director of Conference Services

Stephanie Hernandez
Human Resources and Student Work Placement Coordinator

Paul Kjelberg
​Professor, Department of Philosophy
562.907.4200, ext.4404 

Laurel Crump
Library Director

Anne Cong-Huyen​
Co-Coordinator of DigLibArts and Digital Scholar

Ann Kakaliouras
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
562.907.4200, ext.4341

Bianca Vinci
​Accomodations Coordinator

Jessica Aparicio
Campus Safety

Misty Petrus
Campus Safety

Jaimis Ulrich
Business Office

Lia Kozatch
Whittier Scholars Program

Jenny Guerra
Director, Office of Equity and Inclusion

Meghan (Mega) Couch-Edwards

This was updated on August 11, 2016.

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