College Seal



Editorial Style Manual

Pantone 526
76c 100m 7y 0k
  Pantone 7405 Uncoated
Pantone 124 Coated
0c 25m 100y 7k

The logo, seal, and mascot may also be reproduced in white (reversed)
and black.

Primary Color Palette

Pantone 404
0c 8m 22y 56k
  Pantone 7456*
70c 60m 0y 0k
  Pantone 7472*
51c 0m 17y 10k
Pantone 5405
35c 0m 0y 45k
  Pantone 139
20c 50m 100y 0k
  Pantone 484
26c 95m 93y 5k
Pantone 385
40c 20m 100y 25k
  Pantone 583*
28c 10m 75y 0k


Whittier College
Office of Communications
13406 E. Philadelphia Street
P.O. Box 634
Whittier, CA 90608-0634
T: (562) 907-4277
F: (562) 907-4870