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Editorial Style Manual

THE WHITTIER COLLEGE LOGO is the College’s official identifier and the appropriate symbol for use on all forms of visual communication.

The logo should be clearly and prominently displayed, and may not be altered or reconfigured. It should be displayed on all visual communications and may not be used as part of a headline or running text.

The logo should be positioned at least 1/4 (.25) inch from the end of a page, gutter, or border, depending on page dimensions or publication design. 1/4 (.25) inch clear space must be maintained around logo.

Reversing to White
Reversing the logo to all white is allowed when applied to appropriate photographs or background elements that are not complicated or busy. Reversed versions of the logo can be found at the Download Center.

Sizing and Reproduction
In most cases the logo should not be reproduced smaller than two inches wide in print. It must be reproduced from an authorized, original camera-ready copy, or from a downloadable file available at our
Download Center. It may not be redrawn, re-proportioned, or otherwise manipulated or altered.

The logo may be reproduced in:
• All black
• All purple (PMS 526) for print
• Purple PMS 526 and gold PMS 7405 on uncoated paper
• Purple PMS 526 and gold PMS 124 on coated paper

• Reversed to white


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