Steps for New Transfer Students

Navigating the Registration Process
Completing Forms on Moodle
Attending Orientation
Academic Support Services & Opportunities
Getting Involved in the Campus Community
Preparing for Life After Whittier
Information and Resources for Commuter Students

Navigating the Registration Process

  • Transfers register for their courses after an advising session with a faculty advisor on one of four scheduled transfer registration dates.
  • Transfer advising takes place in person at Whittier College or over the phone.
  • Completed transcripts (these do not include classes that are listed as currently “In Progress”) must be sent to Whittier College in order to register for all the courses recommended by a faculty advisor. If you would like to verify that your complete transcripts have been received, contact our Admissions Office at 562.907.4907.
  • In order to schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor, please call the Center for Advising and Resource Center (CAAS) at 562.907.4816.

Completing Forms on Moodle

Moodle includes all the forms students must complete prior to moving in and starting classes at Whittier College.

  • Student Life forms have varying due dates. Please visit the Student Life Forms section under the Transfer Student Checklist for more information.
  • Business Office forms should be completed as soon as possible. You will be dropped from courses should you fail to complete these forms and pay tuition by August 5.
  • Student Health & Wellness Center forms should be completed as soon as possible. Once you submit your health forms, they may take up to two weeks to be processed. You must meet health form compliance by August 1.
  • It is highly recommended that you complete the Math and Foreign Language Placement Exams in the Academics section. Course credit for previous math and foreign language courses will be honored, however, if additional math or foreign language courses are required to complete your degree or the liberal education requirements, these exams will allow you to enroll in these courses.

Attending Orientation

During Transfer Student Orientation, you will become acquainted with the resources and personnel at Whittier College. While attending Orientation, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Review your class schedule with a faculty mentor. This is your chance to make any last minute changes to your class schedule.
  • Get to know your transfer peer mentor (who, just like you, first came to Whittier as a transfer student). This person will be your go-to peer support person throughout your first semester.
  • Meet other transfer students and the members of campus’ Transfer Student Club, as well as the members of any other clubs or organizations you are interested in joining during the Activities Fair.
  • Meet potential employers through the Work-Study Fair.

Academic Support Services & Opportunities

Whittier College provides a number of academic support services and opportunities to its students. 

Support services include:

  • Wardman Library provides students with research support, quiet study spaces, and printing services.
  • The Center for Advising and Academic Success, located on the ground floor of Wardman Library, provides free tutoring, academic coaching and workshops, advising support, and space for group study.
  • The GTE Language Lab, located in Deihl Hall, provides free tutoring for foreign language courses.

Opportunities include:

  • Study abroad in locations throughout five continents (and at sea). The Office of International Programs (OIP) provides assistance to students who are interested in participating in study abroad.
  • Experiential learning through internship, volunteer, and fellowship opportunities that add prestige to a résumé and help students actualize their intellectual goals in and beyond Whittier College

Getting Involved in the Campus Community

One of Whittier College’s greatest strengths is the strong sense of community that encompasses all students, faculty, and staff. Getting connected promotes success in and outside of the classroom.

  • Whittier is well-known for its faculty and their attention to teaching and student learning. Building relationships with your professors in and out of the classroom, through research opportunities, advising, and other co-curricular events will help with the transition into the Whittier community.
  • Visit the Work Study and Activities Fairs during Orientation to connect with potential employers and learn how to join Whittier’s student clubs, societies and varsity, club, or intramural sports teams. Remember there is a student club that you are automatically a member of: The Transfer Student Club.

Preparing for Life After Whittier

Although your time at Whittier has just begun, it is never too early to start thinking about what comes next after college.

  • Get to know your Faculty Advisor. If you are not working with a faculty mentor who teaches in your major, you should change your advisor to someone in that department. Your faculty advisor will offer you direction throughout your time at Whittier. A good relationship with him/her could also turn into a letter of recommendation for graduate school.
  • Visit the Weingart Center for Career and Professional Development, a great resource when it comes to figuring out what you want to do after graduation, and offers help with résumé writing, locating internships, and investigating career opportunities.

Information and Resources for Commuter Students

It can be a challenge for commuter students to transition into a new college and become involved or incorporated into the college environment. For that reason, we feel the need to support our commuter students, and help make Whittier College feel like their home away from home.

  • Commuter Student Club. The Commuter Student Club provides commuter students with the opportunity to interact with one another, create friendships, and possibly even find a carpool partner.  
  • Dormitory Access. Whittier understands the need for commuter students to engage academically with their peers. As such, commuter students have access to the College’s residence halls and study lounges (within designated hours).
  • Campus Lockers. There are 119 campus lockers available in the Campus Center courtyard, courtesy of ASWC. Locker reservations must be arranged through the LEAP office.
  • Campus Dining. Two on-campus dining options--the Campus Inn and The Spot--are open daily for all students. Whittier’s Office of Equity and Inclusion and CAAS office also provide students with a refrigerator and/or microwave to store and heat their lunches.
  • Study Areas. Great spaces to study on campus include Wardman Library, CAAS, the 24-hour Study Lounge right outside of CAAS, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, The Spot, and Ettinger Student Lounge.

Click here to learn more about resources for commuter students at Whittier.