Success Stories in Anthropology

Whittier College Anthropology majors graduate with a wide variety of opportunities before them. Recent alumni are completing advanced degrees at institutions that include UCLA, California State University Long Beach, University of Washington, and University of Pennsylvania.

Graduates who enter the professional arena have gone on to successful careers in medicine, dentistry, law, education, business, speech therapy, and social work.

See what our alumni are up to

Jessica Hencier

Jessica Hencier ’10
Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc.

"I chose to study my majors (Anthropology and Sociology) because I was interested in how people operate the way they do based on their context and how societal infrastructures define people. I wanted to learn how my own life was defined by the institutions around me, by other cultures, and by my own culture." Read more.

Susan Ortiz '04

Susan Ortiz ’04
Koreatown Youth and Community Center (CA)

"I found that Whittier was a school that not only gave me a great education, but also really made me become more involved in the community. Whittier provided me with an education that really enhanced my thinking skills and made graduate school much easier. The professors at Whittier are supportive and come from diverse backgrounds, which is essential in a liberal arts school." Read more.