Study Abroad

Travel throughout multiple countries, cultural exchange, foreign language immersion, unique academic adventures—all of these are hallmarks of the international study experience.

For the last 50 years, in keeping with its mission to prepare students for a global society and evolving workplace, Whittier College has sponsored study abroad opportunities, placing qualified students in locations throughout five continents (or at sea) for a semester, year, summer, or JanTerm of international, academic experience.

During the 2013 JanTerm, for instance, Professor of Environmental Science Cinzia Fissore teamed with Professor of Business Dan Duran to lead a group of students through Holland for a course that combined environmental science with business. The group visited corporations such as Siemens, Procter & Gamble, and LM Wind Power to better understand the issue of environmental sustainability within the context of international business.

During their visit to LM Wind Power, students spent two hours with VP of Global Communications Chris Springham and Nora Balogh from the global strategy office to discuss the company’s sustainability efforts.
 Reflecting on the session, Springham said, "We had very interesting discussions and it was certainly a worthwhile experience which gave us interesting insights into what some of our younger stakeholders think. They had a genuine interest in the industry and how we can contribute to solving some of the world’s challenges in a sustainable way. I think we surprised them with our humble approach to sustainability as an integrated part of the business and not a philanthropic, 'green-washing' exercise."

During Spring Break, students enrolled in "Globalization and the Environment" have had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with Professor of Biological Sciences Cheryl Swift and Associate Professor of Sociology Rebecca Overmyer-Velasquez to learn firsthand about rural economic development projects and their impacts on the environment. The class stays at EARTH University's Guacimo campus and participates in its Community Development Program, learning by laboring on projects with local farmers, and also visits the La Selva Biological Station deep in the rainforest to experience the full range of tropical biodiversity.

For further exploration of these programs or to learn more about the application process and standard requirements, visit our International Programs website.