Healthcare Leadership Program

The Whittler College Healthcare Leadership Program
 aims to transform frontline unit supervisors into leaders who will implement the Triple Aim of 21st Century Healthcare: improve care outcomes, provide better customer service, and lower costs. 

Through an educational experience that builds upon Whittier’s nationally recognized liberal arts foundation, your staff’s individual job thinking will expand into an organization-wide perspective. Participants in the leadership program learn effective writing, oral communication, critical thinking, management, and leadership skills as well as how to make connections across disciplines and understand cultural perspectives.

 A Curriculum Built Around Learning

Are your managers ready? Do they have the competencies and training they need now and into the future? In a competitive job market, can you hire and keep the best employees? Ensure your employees are equipped with the skills they need to thrive at your company.

  • Commitment: Accepting personal ownership of the enterprise’s purpose.
  • Coordination: Working effectively in teams and across organization boundaries.
  • Critical Thinking: Identifying and resolving managerial and leadership challenges.
  • Can-Do Attitude: Building capabilities, optimizing operations, embracing innovation, and enacting change.
  • Client Appreciation: Understanding differences based on poverty, gender, race, and ethnicity
  • Communications: Valuing clear language, careful listening, and full understanding when communicating with supervisors, colleagues, and clients.
  • Cost Consciousness: Understanding the basics of healthcare finance and accounting and relating it to improved healthcare outcomes.

Sample Courses

  • Principles of Written & Oral Communication
  • Management Systems & Organizations
  • Healthcare & Society
  • Healthcare Risk Management & Law
  • Healthcare Finances & Accounting
  • Leadership Development
  • Managing & Leading Change in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Decisions in a Multicultural World
  • Liberal Arts Elective


If you're a healthcare executive interested in bringing Whittier's Healthcare Leadership Program to your company, contact sal johnston, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs at or 562.907.4202.

Whittier's Healthcare Leadership Program