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Travel throughout multiple countries, cultural exchange, foreign language immersion, unique academic adventures—all of these are hallmarks of the international study experience.

For the last 50 years, in keeping with its mission to prepare students for a global society and evolving workplace, Whittier College has sponsored study abroad opportunities, placing qualified students in locations throughout five continents (or at sea) for a semester, year, summer, or January or May Term of international, academic experience.

While abroad, Whittier students have also had opportunities to complete international internships, conduct and publish professional research, and been offered foreign graduate school and work opportunities.

Students of all disciplines can also participate in any of Whittier's faculty-led study abroad courses, which take place during the shorter JanTerm and MayTerm and can fulfill major, minor, and liberal education requirements. Learn more about Whittier's Featured Faculty-Led Programs.

For further exploration of Whittier's study abroad programs or to learn more about the application process and standard requirements, visit the International Programs website.

Music in Action

​Poets Head to Sultry Music Mecca

While Cuba and the U.S. remain in a wary co-existence, the ability to travel under educational parameters is beginning to ease up—slightly. Select schools and programs are being allowed to head for the island nation, provided they meet several requirements in program scope and intent.

This past May, Whittier College was able to offer a foray to the country, under the auspices of a paired course in history and music. As a result, music professor and accomplished Cuban flautist Danilo Lozano and history professor Jose Ortega led 10 students through the sights, sounds, and smells of Havana, Cuba, and its surrounding areas. Read more.