Alumni Affinity Groups


An affinity group at Whittier College is any collection of Poet alumni who actively engage in communicating and/or gathering around a central unifying purpose, mission, or background including academic experiences, societies, student organization/clubs, and Poet athletics.

Whittier College affinities are some of the strongest connections that our alumni have to the College and it is a goal of the Alumni Association to continue to identify and foster these bonds, bring alumni from these groups together with the student actives, and make sure there is adequate representation from each affinity group to the Alumni Board.


Whittier College societies have been an integral part of Whittier’s traditions since the 1920s, when the earliest societies were founded as literary groups. Over time, with an increase in both the number of groups and overall membership, a social component was added, tempered with the primary focus on scholarship, leadership, and community service. The 10 societies operating today are: Athenians, Ionians, Metaphonians, Palmers, Thalians, Lancers, Orthogonians, William Penns, Franklins, Sachsens, and the newly established Paragonians.

Even as alumni, you too are still important to your society’s community! Each society is to have an alumni advisory committee – this is to make sure that actives have seasoned members to discuss society matters with, to keep alumni informed about the current happenings of the society, involve them in the planning of Whittier Weekend and other annual activities, and make sure that important society traditions are being upheld.

Alianza de los Amigos

Alianza de los Amigos is Whittier College’s Latino Alumni Association. Over recent years, they have worked hard to fortify, reconnect and engage the Latino/a alumnus support, and serve as an integral part of the Whittier College Alumni Association. The group is dedicated to providing leadership and resources to current students through mentorship, promoting career and professional development and empowerment for alumni, maintaining strong ties with Whittier College, and prolonging the legacy and indomitable spirit of Dr. Martin Ortiz.

Membership to Alianza is easy; any person that participates in an event, program, meeting or fundraiser hosted by Alianza de los Amigos becomes a member for three years. If you’d like to get more involved, contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at 562.907.4962.

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African American Alumni Group/BSU

The African-American Alumni Association was formed to enhance the experiences of Whittier College African-American alumni. The group focuses on raising scholarship funds, encouraging alumni participating in the life and development of current students through mentoring and internship opportunities, and recruiting students to maintain Whittier’s diversity. This group also seeks to support the current Black Student Union on campus in reaching their goal of creating a legacy at Whittier College, which will reinforce every member’s pride in oneself, one’s race, and one’s educational and life goals.

LGBT – Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

The LGBT Alumni group represents the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Whittier College alumni. This alumni group works to stay connected with the College and participates in an annual reunion during Whittier Weekend. They also provide support to the active TOBGLAD (Transgender, Other-Identified, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Allies for Diversity) student organization by promoting and attending their events throughout the year.

Hawaiian Islanders Club

The Hawaiian Islanders Club at Whittier College (HIC) supports students interested in Hawaiian culture and traditions. As an organization, the Hawaiian Islanders Club strives to develop and maintain a healthy, diverse community while seeking high moral standards and unity through numerous social events and educational outreach about Hawaii’s diverse culture and language.

Asian Student Association

The Asian Students Association promotes Asian culture and traditions as well as the contributions of Asian-Americans, and coordinates a series of events throughout the year. The Asian Students Association’s principal and highly-anticipated event is the Annual Asian Night, held every April. After a meal highlighting different Asian foods (catered by a variety of local restaurants), Asian culture and heritage is explored through dance, music, and other performing arts.

Purple & Gold

Purple & Gold (P&G) is the primary support group for all 22 NCAA intercollegiate teams within Whittier College Athletics. Members advocate philanthropic support of the athletic program and host special activities designed to promote the athletic department and its activities. Membership in Purple & Gold is extended to alumni, parents, and friends of Whittier College.

For more information or to join, please contact Mike Rizzo ’86, Assistant Athletic Director and Head Coach of Men’s Baseball, at 562.907.4967 or