Connect With Your Future


As a junior and senior, you are an emerging professional with at least three solid career development experiences on your resume.

These experiences enhance your career brand and demonstrate to employers you are career ready. Now it is time to connect your talents to the workplaces of your choice.

Studies show that sustaining a network of professionals and industry leaders that are actively engaged in their fields is the best way to learn about career opportunities. Make it your habit to connect with active professionals to learn more about fields that interest you. 

Implementing a four-year career development plan insures that you have a network of industry champions, mentors, trusted advisors, and professional contacts in place. Sustain this network and you will have an assortment of professionals eager to help you transition to your workplace of choice.

It is easier than you think to grow and connect to established networks of professionals. Here are three things you can do to connect:

  • Partner with the CCPD team to develop your LinkedIn profile
  • Develop a 30-second commercial and carry a business card
  • Know your accomplishments and track record as an organizational problem-solver

You have probably accomplished more than you know. Schedule your career coaching appointment today to discover your history of career accomplishment.