Fellowships & Internships


Center Fellowships provide opportunities for students, regardless of major, to work on a significant scholarly or creative project involving multiple disciplines and linked to the arts. Intensive trCCA Fellow Jennice Ontiveros '12 works on a film documentary projectavel study courses will enable students to apply lessons learned in Los Angeles to contexts elsewhere in the country and world.

The following are CCA specific fellowship opportunities:

  • Fellowship Program
  • Mellon Fellowship Program
  • Fletcher Jones Fellowship Program

CCA fellows and participants build a strong portfolio, professional credits, and key networks during their undergraduate experiences. As such, they have earned post-graduate internships/apprenticeships/positions in music production, film and theatrical management, and publishing houses, and have won placement in competitive graduate programs in studio art, creative writing and journalism, among others.

Past Fellowship Recipients:

  • Jennice Ontiveros
  • Ginger Meneske