Academics: The Module System


In order to promote engaged instruction that follows county and state health ordinances, and be flexible enough to offer remote and hybrid learning opportunities, Whittier College is restructuring its academic calendar for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Module System

  • Fall semester will begin on Wednesday, September 9.

  • The academic year will consist of five (5) modules—two in the fall and three in spring

  • Each module  is seven (7) weeks long

  • Students will usually just take two (2) main courses per module (e.g. two, 3- or 4-unit courses, plus 1-2 unit courses)

  • The maximum number of units for the year will continue to be 36 units

  • The fall semester will begin as planned on September 9 and registration for new students will begin in late July (see revised academic calendar).


For questions regarding academics please email