COVID-19 Compliance Task Force


Whittier College has established the COVID-19 Compliance Task Force to assess the College’s risk, guide policy development, and to ensure consistent messaging and coordinated institutional response to campus concerns and possible outbreaks of COVID-19.

The effectiveness of the Moving Forward plan is grounded in mutual accountability and respect. Its success depends upon the understanding and commitment of all students, staff, and faculty. While we cannot eliminate all risk related to COVID-19, trust in and care for one another are essential to protect Whittier College and the broader community. The COVID-19 Compliance Task Force seeks your engagement to improve and refine this plan. 

All members of the campus community are expected to fully comply with the policies, protocols, and guidelines outlined in this plan. Noncompliance with COVID-19 campus health and safety guidelines could result in loss of access to College facilities as well as corrective and/or disciplinary action. 

The Task Force members represent the expertise and needs of their department/division.

COVID-19 Compliance Officer & Task Force Coordinator 

Lisa Newton

Convenes and coordinates the Task Force and oversees the implementation, evaluation, and ongoing refinement of Whittier College’s COVID-19 Containment, Response, and Control Plan. Serves as the campus community liaison for all COVID-related operational and logistical concerns.

Task Force Members

  • Kiya Bodendorf, Admissions
  • Tina Corral, Residential Life
  • Gil Gonzalez, Academic Affairs
  • Joanne Hash, Faculty Representative
  • Stephanie Lopez, Human Resources
  • Deanna Merino-Contino, Student Life
  • Mariam MacLeod, Student Accessibility Services
  • Joseph Melendez, Residential Life
  • Anahi Molina, Campus Safety
  • Tracy Ocampo, Health & Wellness Center
  • Hector Pantoja, Conference Services
  • Mike Rizzo, Athletics
  • Kori Vartanian, The Broadoaks School
  • Student Representatives, TBD

Collaboration with Public Health Officials

The COVID-19 Compliance Task Force will monitor and adhere to all federal, state, and county public health guidelines. Specifically, Whittier College will comply with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LADPH) guidance and will:

  • report any suspected outbreak of COVID-19 on campus to LADPH;
  • conduct campus contact tracing and support LADPH contact tracing efforts;
  • seek consultation and direction in responding to any outbreak of COVID-19 on campus; and
  • seek consultation and direction in any decision to close all or part of campus or to transition to remote education and work, if required.

City, County, State, and Federal Guidance

Whittier College’s plans are informed by public health guidelines and best practices recommendations from public health authorities including but not limited to:

Contact Information & Feedback

We welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback on the evolving Moving Forward plan. Please email us at