Leadership Scholarship


Whittier College’s Leadership Scholarship awards $5,000 to future Poets who have demonstrated a high level of leadership in their communities and intend to bring those skills and experience to Whittier.

Leadership can take on many different forms and appear in different types of settings. Therefore, Whittier seeks applications from students who have demonstrated Whittier College values (community, communication, cultural perspective, and connections) through leadership in their school, community, jobs/internships, clubs/organizations, or religious communities. 

Leadership Scholarship recipients will complete one community leadership requirement during their first year at Whittier College in order to maintain their scholarship for four years. Students will complete this requirement from three pre-arranged options to choose from.

Application, Deadline, and Timeline

The Leadership Scholarship application deadline has been extended to April 1.

Students who apply by March 19 and are selected to move on to the interview portion will be notified on March 19. Interviews will take place between March 19 and March 30. 

Students selected to receive the Leadership Scholarship will be notified by email the second week of April. 

The application deadline is closed for the 2021-2022 academic year. Applications for 2022-2023 will open in winter of 2022.

Email mposton@whittier.edu for questions or concerns.

Essay Prompt

Discuss someone that has influenced your leadership. What role did they play in your leadership style?

The selection committee encourages applicants to be authentic in their answer and let their personal voice come through. Essays must be one page in length, single space, 500 words max.