All-Society Alumni Participation Challenge

Final Standings (Highest Participation) as of June 30, 2018

1.   Thalians, 64.1%* 6.   Franklins, 34.4%  
2.   Metaphonians, 60.8% 7.   Palmers, 34.1%
3.   Orthogonians, 50.5% 8.   Athenians, 33.8%
4.   Ionians, 47.8% 9.   Lancers, 33.0%
5.   William Penns, 39.5% 10. Sachsens, 28.5%


This year's competition was one of the most fun and spirited. The overall participation rate for alumni society members was 42.6% - the highest ever! THANK YOU to every society member who got involved and invested in their actives.

*2017-2018 champions

The 9th year of the All-Society Alumni Participation Challenge runs through June 30, 2019. Every tax-deductible gift of ANY AMOUNT, to ANY DESIGNATION gets you counted on behalf of your society. This annual competition is about bragging rights, cash prizes from the College, the Challenge Cup, and more. Your society actives are counting on you!