Student Disability Services Updates

March 17, 2020

Accommodations for Registered Students with Disabilities

Time extensions on exams will be managed by individual professors since all learning will occur remotely. For students who receive extra time on exams, your professors are aware of the fact that you receive this accommodation and will be providing you with extra time.

  • Student Disability Services (SDS) will no longer be proctoring exams and students will not need to turn in a proctor form for the remainder of the semester to receive a time extension on a quiz or test.
  • The nature of how the extra time will be provided will depend on the manner chosen by each professor. SDS has been sending professors emails about the use of Moodle for exams and quizzes.  
  • Contact your professors to determine how they will be providing this accommodation, but please be patient as they are doing their best to adapt their courses for remote learning.
  • If you notice that the time you have been given does not align with the extra time you believe you were supposed to receive, please reach out to your professor, as they alone have access to adjusting the time.

Reduced distraction testing cannot be accommodated by SDS since exams will be administered online. As such, it is a student's responsibility to find an environment that is free of distractions and/or utilize headphones and earplugs to minimize distraction during testing.

Note-taking will continue to be provided to students who receive this accommodation. Continue to utilize dropbox to view the notes your note-taker has uploaded for you. 

  • Students serving as peer note-takers have received communication from SDS that they are expected to take notes, regardless of the method in which lecture material will be presented.
  • Please reach out to SDS if you have any questions that arise either before or during the remote instruction period related to note-taking.

Attendance flexibility has been encouraged for all students since many could experience issues with accessing courses and/or navigating courses online during the transition.

  • Communication with faculty is vital. Please communicate any difficulties or issues that come up while the campus is adjusting to remote learning directly to your professors.  
  • For students who have attendance modification as an approved accommodation, it is still necessary to follow protocol by notifying SDS and faculty regarding any medical condition flare-ups and what steps will be taken to turn in course work in a timely fashion.

Registered students who receive extensions on assignments (if feasible) as an accommodation are still required to reach out to SDS prior to the deadline or reach out to their faculty, if they prefer doing so, in order to determine if an extension on an assignment is feasible and will not fundamentally alter course requirements. As accommodations are not retroactive, extensions on assignments do not cover past assignments.

The ability to record lectures remains an accommodation our approved students can utilize, as long as they have signed our ability to record lectures agreement. 

Students who receive CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) due to being deaf or hard of hearing will continue to receive this accommodation through remote captioning instead of on-site captioning. We have reached out to the professors of these students to ensure that the remote captioners will be virtually present during lectures.

Please note that we will continue to offer check-in appointments and intake appointments through Zoom, which is an online video communications platform. More information about Zoom can be found online.

If you have any questions about accommodations or would like to register to receive academic accommodations, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email,