Scope of Policy

The College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all faculty, staff, administrators, students, volunteers, vendors, independent contractors, visitors, and individuals employed, studying, living, or working at Whittier College. Regarding procedures for addressing allegations of Sexual Misconduct:

For incidents involving a student as the Complainant person or Responding Party, please refer to the Procedures for Addressing Reports of Sexual Misconduct beginning on page 15 of this Policy.  For incidents involving staff or administrators who are the Complainant or responding party, refer to the Employee Handbook.  For incidents involving faculty who are the Complainant or responding party, refer to the Faculty Handbook.

This Policy is designed to guide the College in providing a fair and equitable process for investigating and resolving  of Sexual Misconduct for all concerned.  The College encourages reporting of all Sexual Misconduct, regardless of who engaged in the conduct. Even if the College does not have jurisdiction over the Complainant or Responding Party, the College will use its best efforts to provide for the safety of the Complainant and campus community.

Whittier College uses a preponderance of the evidence (i.e., more likely than not) standard in any Title IX proceedings, including any fact-finding and hearings.

This Policy applies to conduct on Campus Premises, during an academic program abroad, at College-sponsored events that take place off campus, and to Sexual Misconduct that involves electronic communication.  If both the Complainant and the Responding Party are members of the College community, this Policy applies regardless of the location of the alleged incident and immigration status.

This policy was edited on January 5, 2020.